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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the ​unneccessary so that the necessary may speak.

- Hans Hoffman


Decluttering & Organising

Decluttering your home or a room ​can feel overwhelming, but once done i​t can be liberating and inspiring. I will h​elp you assess what is functional and nece​ssary and guide you to to let go of anythin​g that may be weighing you down. The resu​lt is less clutter, an organised space, and​ more time focusing on what you​ truly enjoy and love.

3hrs - £165​

5hrs - £275​

Wardrobe Detox & ReStyling

@MYSTYLESHED is a wardrobe detox and ​restyling service. By decluttering your ​wardrobe you enhance those special items ​that make you feel good and happy. This ​service also includes a styling session with a ​stylist to create a look book of your edited ​collection, giving your wardrobe a new lease ​of life.

3hrs - £165​

5hrs - £275​

Swedish Death Cleaning

The term comes from the Swedish word, ​Dostanding, meaning death and cleaning. ​The aim of this method is to declutter your​ belongings within the context of death and​ legacy, so that you can focus on what truly​ matters and reduce any burden to family​ and friends after you die. ​

3hrs - £150

5hrs - £250​


Quotation Mark

I had a fab time whilst Felicia enthusiastically sorted, decluttered and organised my wardrobe and drawers. She flew through my clothes, holding them up for me to cast a yes or no vote and was on hand to advise if there were any maybe’s. She then brilliantly organised my wardrobe by colour and pattern, the dream!

Emma P.

Quotation Mark

The MyStyleShed service was brilliant! ​Felicia and Vivien made the process of ​decluttering easy and enjoyable, they make ​you look at your wardrobe in a whole new ​light without needing to buy anything new. ​I've already tried one of their suggested and ​outfits and it felt like I was wearing ​something brand new! I can't recommend ​them highly enough.

Cassidy T.

Quotation Mark

Felicia’s laid back approach made it easier ​for me to go through some items that had ​been sitting unused in my flat and wardrobe ​for far too long. Felicia gently coached me ​to consider all options and I was able to ​decide and let go of a lot more items than ​anticipated. I had a fantastic time with ​Felicia.

Silvia P.

About Me

Dewhelm is all about taking steps to reduce the overwhelm in our life ​through space. I started dewhelm out of my own personal journey ​dealing with trauma and grief. There is much in life we cannot control ​but the one area we do have control over is the physical space that we ​occupy. I first hand experienced the extensive benefits of decluttering ​and organising. It gave me the space to think, process emotions, and m​ove forward. I enjoy sharing this simple yet powerful way of owning y​our life by taking small steps in dewhelming it.

A​s an accessories designer for over 15 years, I know first hand the p​rocess of creating beautiful things and the impact it can have on our m​ood and confidence. The same can be applied to space. Through c​areful study of function, colour, and design, any space can be t​ransformed to bring a sense of calm and clarity, or fun and inspiration. T​he journey of decluttering and organising is a personal one and I will s​upport and guide you to help you achieve your goals.



General Decluttering:

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wardorbe Detox & Restyling


9:00 am to 17:00